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Software and Milling Machines for Orthopedics.

The Ortho Line is a line of milling machines designed and manufactured entirely in Italy for orthopedic workshops.


Simple and Intuitive

The machine allows inexperienced workers to operate it and this will reduce the overall training costs.



The small dimensions, the low weight and the ability to move on wheels, enable the machine for othopedics to be installed in offices and otherwise inaccessible areas.



Thanks to OrthoCAM, to the OrthoBLOCK system and to OrthoLIB, it’s possible to realize different models quickly.



Due to the low purchase, training and maintenance expenses, the production costs are reduced. So this will increase the overall competitiveness of the machine.

A simple processing cycle in just three steps

Scansione e rettifica

1 Scan and grinding

For a rapid, accurate and non-invasive acquisition of the patient data, there are various solutions such as the 3D sensor for mobile devices.
Through a special optional software, it’s possible to import the scanned shapes and in order to model the 3D shapes


2 Simulation

Thanks to the OrthoCAM software, optional and embeddable in the machine, it’s possible to set up machining quickly and intuitively, without any knowledge of CAM programming.


3 Milling

Starting from a block with a maximum diameter of 650 X 1100 mm, that is mounted on OrthoBLOCK, the proprietary quick coupling system designed to facilitate the loading and unloading of the components, it’s possible to obtain the required model with a few simple settings.The collection tank of
machine, which is connected to an aspiration system, allows to work in an environment free of dust and waste materials.


Milling AFO and KAFO Models in Polyurethane

Average milling time of an AFO: 10 - 15 minutes


Milling Busts Models in Polyurethane

Average milling time of a bust: 10 - 15 minutes


Milling aesthetic of a calf

Average milling time of a calf's aesthetic: 10 - 15 minutes


Milling Stumps Models in Polyurethane

Average milling time of a Stump: 10 minutes


Milling Orthopedic Insoles

Average milling time of Orthopedic Insoles: 30 minutes


Milling Shoes Shape Models in Polyurethane

Average milling time of one Shoe Shape: 20 minutes

Do you know that 1000 busts can fit inside your USB drive?

Go digital with SATRES

ORTHO Line's Advantages

Simplified Operator Panel

an intuitive 17” touch screen display

Fresatura Modello Busto in Poliuretano

High performarnce Dry processing

of polyurethanes up to 800 kg / m3 wood resin, foam rubber, plastic

Modelli per protesi

Production of models for prostheses

ready to make prostheses without the aid of plaster casts



Proprietary quick coupling system of rotation axis to speed part charge the Procedures (Patent Pending)

Integrated Aspiration System

to keep a clean working area

Ease of transport

Thanks to low weight and wheels, it’s possible install the machine also in office areas


A real time view inside the machine in order to see the milling process


Studied and optimized directly to the line ORTHO in order to maximize cleanliness of the cabin


for the guided realization of the programs on the machine board, without the aid of external CAMs


Pre-set machining library with roughing and finishing parameters

CAM path simulator

and on-board machine collision verification


APP for save the milling programs of the patiens

Do you know that 1000 busts can fit inside your USB drive?

Go digital with SATRES


The 3 Axis version allows to easily obtain busts, aesthetic and orthopedic insoles in order to create customized prostheses.

Esempio HSM 1004 C ORTHO
Esempio 2 HSM 1004 C ORTHO
Esempio 3 HSM 1004 C ORTHO


Thanks to 4° axis, it’s possible to add to components’s range to be worked also complex geometries that cannot be made with 3 axis version, such as AFO, KAFO, shape of the shoes and seats.

ORTHO’s Applications

ORTHO is the solution designed and created by Satres specifically for the orthopedic sector. Thanks to its 4 axes, the machine is able to produce customized external prostheses and orthoses, eliminating any waste of time.

The production process is organized as follows: after the phases of acquiring and modelling trough CAD software, the prototyping of the designed model takes place by milling. The process starts from a compact block of expanded polyurethane, with a maximum diameter of 600×1000 mm, that is roughed with the appropriate tools. The block is then milled in order to obtain the shape predetermined by the CAD modelling, in a very short time. Thanks to the collection tank, which is connected to the aspiration system, it is possible to work in a environment free of dust and waste materials.

Some possible realizations


Kafo Sockets




Calf Aesthetic

Aesthetic Leg



The machine is equipped with a numerical control made specifically for orthopedic technicians. The interface with the operator is very simple, and does not need specialized operators. The comfortable 17-inch touch screen offers all the information parallel to the production: Programming and simulation. The machine can be interfaced to work in 4.0 industry.

Working AreaAxis X1100 mm
Axis Z400 mm
Axis CContinue
ActivationSpindle speed18.000 spindle / min (Option 24.000)
Spindle power3,5 kW (Option 1 kW)
Spindle LineSpindle taperAir Spindle
Spindle coneER 32 manual (Option automatic tighgtening)
PieceMax dimension650 (diameter) X 1100 mm
General dataMachine voltage380 V (Option 220 V)
Total installed power6 kW (Option 3kW with spindle with 1kW)
Footprint837 mm X 2103 mm
Machine Height2018 mm
Machine Weight with base700 Kg
Standard accessoriesNumerical controlISAC
Collection’s tank
OrthoBLOCK Proprietary quick coupling system
Accessory equipmentEmbeddable OrthoCAM and simulator for machine kinematics
Aspiration system
OrthoLIB Pre-set machining library
Simplified programming procedure

For all our machines, it’s possible to develop Customized Automation for the part loading and handling part, pallet handling and other customized and unique solutions.

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