Training and Assistance

For all our Satres machines, we take care of installation, setup and testing. We also follow our customers through specific start-up training.


Once the machine has been purchased, we prepare a TAILOR-MADE Training program for the customer, to share the specific know- how and personalization of SATRES products.

The training courses are held by our staff and are designed to have technical refresher solutions available for existing staff or training for new hires.

The training can be carried out in two ways, depending on the customer’s needs

  • Remotely
  • At the customer’s premises.


We have designed a remote assistance system that allows our customers to communicate directly with our technicians to receive priority and specific assistance from the competent department.

Assistenza Satres

Thanks to the digital interfaces, an integral part of the machinery, Satres enjoys a direct contact channel with the customer and remote after-sales assistance. The remote service involves connection to the system by one of our experts, who checks its status and provides the necessary support to continue production.

If needed, our technicians also carry out interventions on the systems directly at the customer’s premises.


In order to have a machine that is always effi- cient, to be able to monitor the state of wear of the same and to intervene in advance on possible failures, avoiding sudden machine stops, we offer our customers the Scheduled Maintenance service. This allows not only to have an economic saving, having the certainty of the intervention costs, but also to agree on the dates of the interventions according to one’s work needs.

Our Scheduled Maintenance service consists of inspections by Satres technicians. Each visit involves examining the critical points of the machine in production and checking the worn parts. During the inspection, our technicians make all possible adjustments to the machine and, at the end, draw up a report, proposing to the customer the supply of any spare parts.

Our machines are customizable and can respond efficiently to any need. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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