HSM 803 I

Compact. Precise.


Fast. Accurate. Italian.



Satres is an Italian Numerical Control Machine Manufacturer, its technicians are passionate and motivated people and make milling machines that work successfully both in Italian companies and in multinational companies that are market leaders, both for the processing of metallic and non-metallic materials.

The Satres development team designs its numerically controlled machines to give its customers “exceptional” results both from the point of view of the results of the processing and of ease of use.

In addition to the “Catalog milling machines”, the Satres Team has also supported and supports its customers with special “custom” machines specially developed to solve particular problems of client companies and with all the automation necessary to make production processes increasingly efficient.

The Customer Service, fast and punctual, follows the successfully installed machines throughout their life.

Satres is now a partner of many leading companies in the various key sectors, from large and complex components to very small ones in the field of high technology, from the medical sector to motor sports.

Satres develops machines with high technological content and high performance to meet the most complex production needs of modern industry.

Why choose Satres?

All Satres milling machines are characterized by the combination of high speed and precision; designed and built with great attention to detail, to give great results and be reliable and easy to use.

Satres machines are high-tech products, which speed up processes by reducing production times and costs.


In the modern market, where competition has become global, it is essential to use winning production strategies. Satres is proud to develop high-tech solutions that allow us to raise the standards of success and production efficiency. Satres products are designed to create a lasting competitive advantage over time.

To develop successful solutions, Satres focuses on a stimulating work environment that fosters the growth and creativity of its brilliant technicians, on the involvement of the best suppliers on the market and on continuous listening to the improvement needs of the companies it collaborates with.


Create high-tech machines and solutions to raise production standards and maximize the success of companies.