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Helios Ortho

3D printer optimized for Orthopedic Laboratories, simple to use, fast in printing!

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Made in Italy
All Satres machines are 100% Made in Italy.
Industry 4.0
All Satres machines are designed for industry 4.0

3D printer optimized for Orthopedic Laboratories, simple to use, fast in printing!


Accuracy and repeatability

The movement system with ball screws has always been synonymous of repeatability and accuracy. HELIOS guarantees printing precision of 50 microns and high repeatability.


Process Automation

The complete automation of the process reduces manual operations. From the loading of the material to the self-calibration of the plan.



HELIOS reaches high temperatures. The double Hotend allows to extrude materials up to 500 °C. The print bed, with a volume of 600 x 600 x 600 mm (xyz), reaches temperatures on the bed up to 150 °C.

Forced recirculation heated chamber

The printer is equipped with a printing chamber heating and ventilation system that can reach 180 °.

This feature allows to print the superpolymers and avoid problems of deformation of the piece and above all it allows to carry out the up / down annealing process in 5 phases for the annealing of the parts.

For the optimization of the uniformity of heat distribution inside the chamber and for the dissipation of heat towards the external walls of the machine were carried out analysis using thermo- structural solvers.

Technical features HELIOS Dryer:

The drying system is inside the machine. A front door allows access to the Dryer system where there are 2 slots for the filaments. The filament then pass through the PTFE bowden up to the extruder.


Customized Temperature setting:

Set the box temperature according to the type of 3D filament, the temperature environment, humidity, etc.
The temperature between 35 and 55 ° C.
It is suitable for more than 20 types of consumable material commonly used inthe market.

Customized Drying time:

The standard continuous drying time is 6 hours, but can be changed in a range from 0 to 24 hours.

Advantages of the Helios 3D printer


HELIOS Dryer has the function of preparing the material before printing, drying and heating it, thus guaranteeing surface quality and mechanical performance of the printed parts.


HELIOS is equipped with stepper motors which are driven by drivers capable of automatically correcting any loss of steps, ensuring precision and repeatability of movement with guaranteed tolerances.


HELIOS is equipped with automatic material loading sensors, end of material detection sensor and detection of possible anomalies, to guarantee total control of the machine status.


Orthopaedic Sector

Helios allows you to print with technical and structural materials customized orthoses. Its technology guarantees very high surface quality (unlike classic printing systems) to improve patient comfort and simplify the work of the orthopaedic technicians.

Technical data
Dimensions of the 3d printerX = 1000 mm
Y = 1200 mm
Z = 1700 mm
Print volumeX = 600 mm
Z = 600 mm
Y = 600 mm
System weight280 Kg
Printable materialsPEEK, ULTEM, Carbon PA, ABS, NYLON, ULTRA-PLA, PETG
Filament size1,75mm (on request 2,85mm)
HotendDouble high temperature hotend
Nozzle temperature500° (for main hotend, 250° for seconday hotend)
Print bed temperature150°
Heated chamber temperature180°
Power panicAutomatic print resumption system after a black-out
Ethernet connectionWiFi 2,4Ghz

For all our machines, it’s possible to develop Customized Automation for the part loading and handling part, pallet handling and other customized and unique solutions.

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