Satres is able to provide a series of services that allow the client to work in a reliable and efficient way.
The offered services include the following activities:

  • Training courses for Client staff;
  • Technical documentation of use and maintenance;
  • After-sales services.


The training courses are held by our staff and are structured in order to give a constant technical update to the employees and the new recruits.


The target of the post-sales services is to maintain and improve the return of the investment made by the client during the entire machine operating cycle.
The post-sales services are divided into the following activities:

  • Breakdown support: HOT-LINE telephone, with the possibility of on field support by a dedicated technician;
  • Original spare parts;
  • Preventive Maintenance Contracts: in order to guarantee the original performance of machines during their whole life cycle;
  • General review or individual group review;
  • Technological assistance: studies of particular machining, additional supplies, verification of new cycles;
  • Training and maintenance courses.