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HSM 803 I 3 ST

HSM 803 I

3 Axes vertical precision center. HSM 803 I is a perfect l machine for performing fast and precise 3-axis machining.

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Made in Italy
All Satres machines are 100% Made in Italy.
Industry 4.0
All Satres machines are designed for industry 4.0

Rigid. Compact. Precise.

HSM 803 I is a milling machine totally designed, developed and produced in Italy, perfect for making fast and precise 3-axis machining. HSM 803 I is equipped with a structure that, thanks to the damping capacity of its frame, is able to absorb all vibrations, allowing a high quality in the surface finish.

  • Reduced Footprint (2000 mm x 2300 mm)
  • High damping technology frame
  • High speed Electro-spindle 5,5 kW (upto 7,5 kW)
  • Longer strokes than comparable CNC machines (1000 x 500 x 500)
  • Roller guides for the maximum rigidity
  • Optical scales for the maximum accuracy and repeatability

HSM 803 I is compact, accurate and cost advantageous!

Upon request, it is possible to customize HSM 803 I: up to 36000 rpm.

Misure HSM 803 I

HSM 803 I’s Applications

The machine is able to perform roughing and fi- nishing functions of 3d surfaces, in addition to drilling, boring, tapping and interpolated threa- ding processes. Versatile and compact, HSM 803 I is able to realize pieces with high accu- racy and high-quality finishing in a rapid, easy and competitive way.

HSM 803 I is able to easily work steel, light al- loys and plastic materials; the main applica- tions, due to the spindle’s high speed, are com- ponents and moulds made out of aluminium and plastic materials processing.

Moulds Industry

Components: Moulds
Material: Stainless steel
Performed process: Drilling and incision
Tool: Cutter

applicazione industria stampi

Aeronautical Sector

Components: Structural components
Material: Aluminium 7075
Performed process: Interpolation drilling D18.0 -0.0 +0.01. Rectangular hollow W20.0 -0.0 +0.02
Tool: Cutter D18

applicazione settore aeronautico

Fashion Industry

Components: Buckles, clasps..
Material: Brass, zamac
Performed process: Milling, drilling, incision, threading
Tool: Cutter

HSM 803 I is appropriate for all the manufacturing companies related to the high-end fashion world.

Small and compact, it has been created to be placed in labs and workshops. Buckles, clasps and clamps are just some of the components that the machine is able to realize. HSM 803 I can be equipped with specific overturning vices to enhance the precision of the processed pieces, reducing production time. It is possible to integrate HSM 803 I with loaders and automatic storage system in order to produce 24 h a day.

Fibbie borse e cinture

Control for HSM 803 I

The numeric control is specifically designed for HSM 803 I, the software is focused on the 17inch touch screen interface limiting the physical buttons only to the useful commands. It adapts to every automatic necessity of the industrial field, removing the PLC from the machine cabinet.

Working AreaAxis X1000 mm
Axis Y500 mm
Axis Z500 mm
Spindle LineSpindle speed24.000 spindle / min (36.000
Spindle power5,5 kW (7,5 kW Option)
Spindle typeElectro spindle
Spindle coneISO BT30 (Option HSK A40, HSK E40, HSK E32, ISO 30 )
Change Tools12 Positions
Spindle taperPneumatic tool change
Automatic tool change
FeedsRapid feed20.000 mm/min
Working feed12.000 mm/min
General DataTotal installed power10 – 12 Kw
Footprint2000 mm X 2300 mm
Machine Height (including base)2600 mm
Standard accessoriesNumeric ControlDelectron (Option: Heidenhain, Siemens)
Electronic leaflet
Touch screen operator interface, assisted programming
Tank for collecting chips
GuidesRoller on all axes
Optical Scales1um (0.5um Option)

For all our machines, it’s possible to develop Customized Automation for the part loading and handling part, pallet handling and other customized and unique solutions.

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