High Speed Machining working station with 5 axisFast. Accurate. Italian.

UHS Linear 500 is a High-Speed Machining working station with 5 continuous axis, entirely designed in Italy and characterized by high performance and machining accuracy. Thanks to UHS Linear 500, it is possible to perform HSM milling, deep drilling, (grinding and turning as options) on super alloys, ceramic and composite materials.



Main characteristics of UHS Linear 500:

  • Cycle time is significantly lower than average, thanks to the high rapid feeds (100 m/min);
  • Working time is reduced to the minimum. The high accelerations (2g) allow to maintain a high working speed during the direction changes;
  • High accessibility of the working area, thanks to the door with upper opening;
  • Low maintenance, thanks to the automatically oiling linear roller guides on all the axis;
  • Optimized strokes of rotating axes, in order to increase the available space under the spindle and the usage of tools with reduced length;
  • Fixed portal frame, designed in order to obtain high vibration dampening, high thermal stability and rigidity and also a high dynamic rigidity;
  • Integrated axes protection system. Thanks to the isolation system of guides and motors, it is possible to avoid problems related to wear and dust accumulation in the moving parts;
  • Optimized control of performance during high speed workings. Thanks to the few command elements, the use of numeric control is extremely easy.


High Speed Machining working station with 5 continuous axis

  • High speed spindle up to 10 kW (s1) @ 36000 rpm
  • Integrated cooling lubricant supply up to 80 bar
  • Linear axes up to 100 m/min @ 2 g
  • Rotary axes up to 210 rpm @ 70 rad/s^2

Fine dust suppression System

  • In order to process materials that form dust, particles and abrasive materials (up to 5 um)
  • Depressurized cabin with high air exchange (cleaning cabin time < 1 min)
  • Dust Monitoring system
  • High dust suppression thanks to the optimized fluid dynamic

The machine can be interfaced to work in the 4.0 industry.

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Working Area Axis X 450 mm
Axis Y 510 mm
Axis Z 475 mm
Orientation field Axis A / C  +10° -120° / Unlimited
Electro Spindle Spindle speed Up to 36.000 spindle / min
Spindle power P max/5s: 16 kW  S6 – 60%: 11.5 kW   S1 – 100%: 10kW
Roto-tintlin table Table dimension –  Small Model Diameter 330 mm
Table dimension –  Large Model (Option) Diameter 560 mm
Maximum weight 120 Kg
Rotary Axes Up to 210 rpm @ 70rad/s^2
Tool Spindle cone HSK E40
Diameter 16 mm
Length 160 mm
Weight 3 Kg
Change tools Up to 18 Positions
UHS Linear 500’s Dimensions  Height 3197 mm
Widht 3310 mm
Linear axis
Up to 100 m/min @ 2 g
Control Predisposed for SIEMENS, HEIDENHAIN or DELECTRON
Chip Disposal
By Cochlea system with Washing system


UHS LINEAR 500′s Applications


Moulds Industry 

 Oil & Gas Industry

 Automotive Sector

        Aeronautical Sector

Control for UHS LINEAR 500

The control is optimized in order to guarantee the best performance during high-speed processing. With a few command elements allow the simple usage of the numerical control based on PC. The User panel can be used after a short training period.

The standard control of UHS Linear 500 is DELECTRON. The machine is also designed to be equipped with the optional controls such as SIEMENS or HEIDENHAIN.

Simplicity is the key

  • Easy and interactive CNC programming
  • Possibility to quickly modify CNC programs
  • Wide 5-axes functions
  • Simulations and visualization of complex program parts
  • Direct spline elaboration of CAD data
  • Efficient tool management
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