Safety and Speed: a combination that exists!

The TR – DISK 300 Test Bench has been realized to take measurements using probes on high-speed rotating test discs. It is possible to reach 18.000 rpm and carry out measurements on different kind of components with weights up to 4 kg and max diameter up to 300 mm, such as: turbines, special discs, special tools. The system’s peculiarity is the operational safety: the machine is designed to guarantee the highest level of safety for the operator and, indeed, it is able to resist to the blast of its internal disks.

TR-DISK 300 is equipped with an illuminated safety totem that indicates the status of the machine, in addition to the safety interlock that avoids the opening of the top cover, as long as the disk is not stopped.

Main features TR – DISK 300:

  • Adjustable supports for the sensors: predisposition to install customized sensors, according to the costumer’s needs
  • Highest operator safety during the test: the test bench has been designed to resist to the impact of the worst crushing of the disk
  • Reduced working area: floor space occupied 735*864 mm
  • Stable speed of the discs
  • Low maintenance




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Fuelling  380 V three-phase + neutral
Nominal power 3 kW
Heat Sink Parasite Current
Max weight on spindle joint 4 kG
Joint Cone DIN69871, tightening’s nut M24
Max speed 18.000 rpm
 Acceleration time at max speed 300 sec
Stop time from max. speed 180 sec
 Rotation speed stability  + – 5 rpm
Operating temperature 0 – 50° C
Height 1190 mm
Width 735 mm
Weight 395 kG
Noisiness dB


TR – DISK 300’s Applications

The test bench is perfect to be placed in Metrology laboratories (quality test) in order to test different components at high speed such as turbine’s elements and compressors.

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