Satres was born as a CNC and automatic machines’ manufacturing company. Its design strength allows it to realize custom machines.
The experience gained over the years of custom and CNC machines’ design, has been fundamental in the development a full line of standard machines, highly customizable.
From the prototype to the final production; the machines are entirely developed by Satres in its production site with the collaboration of highly specialized staff and suppliers. This makes Satres, that is owned by Dieng, a brand byword for quality and reliability. Furthermore, the company is ISO 9001 certified for machine designing.
Satres develops machines with a high technological content and high performance to meet the most complex production needs of the modern industry.

Why choose Satres?

All Satres machines are characterized by the combination of high speed and precision; internally designed and built to allow the simplified usage, the machines generate surprisingly low cost of both purchase and management.
Satres machines are high technology products, that speed up the processes reducing production times and costs.


In the modern market, where competition has become global, it is essential to adopt winning production strategies. Satres is proud to develop high-tech solutions in order to raise the standards of success and production efficiency. Satres products are realized to create competitive advantage, durable over time.
To develop successful solutions, Satres focuses on a stimulating working environment in order to promote the growth and the creativity of its brilliant technicians, on the involvement of the best suppliers available on the market and on constantly seeking for the improvements needed by the company with which it collaborates.


To create machines and solutions with high technological content in order to raise the bar for production standards and maximize the companies’ success.